Friday, February 17, 2012

No Poo Shampoo Experiment!

Here goes the experiment! I'll be posting pictures and updates on my hair every few days.

My hair before my experiment. Valentine's Day! Shiny!
*Note, my hair color varies from picture to picture. This is due to lighting :[

Feb. 15th, Day One: alright, lesson learned, always finish with ACV (apple cider vinegar). My hair feels gritty, stiff and is overly tangled. Since baking soda is a base, counter with the acidity of ACV to avoid this. My hair does feel a bit greasy, but I expected this  My hair feels gritty which makes me think it is greasy, but it really isn't.

Day 1 hair. Grittty :(

Feb. 17th, Day Three: Using ACV makes a HUGE difference.  Although my hair is not the same texture and softness as it was pre-no-shampoo, it is no longer gritty, easy to comb, and not greasy! It's a little rough, like I stuck my head out the car window all the way down the 210.  But nothing a little brushing won't fix! ;)

Day 5 hair. Stickin' my tongue out at you!!
It was greasy that day.

Feb. 21st, Day 7: So my hair has been greasy.  Not too bad, but it's annoying. So instead of ACV I used fresh lemon juice. Boy, was it refreshing! It made my hair smell good, and it actually felt like I put conditioner in my hair while I was rubbing rinsing it through.  My hair feels a little greasy today, but not nearly as much as it was.  So definitely use a little bit of lemon juice every once in a while.  But unless you want to comb seeds and pulp out of your hair, try bottles of lemon juice.

Feb. 23rd, Day 9: Finally got some tea tree oil.  I tried it last night! I'll admit... I used WAYYY too much. :| On the bright side, lesson learned: only a FEW DROPS will do.  Not three hand-fulls. Oops. My bad. In my defense the bottle didn't have a little eye dropper! Anyways...It makes my hair smell good! And I'm not itchy, but when I woke up this morning, it was super greasy. Ewww. So I washed it out really good with lemon juice and that made it all better :) Now it's super soft.  Definitely worth the $8.
Day 9 hair. It looks darker than usual! 
This is after I washed all the tea tree oil out.
Feb. 24th, Day 10: My hair has gone back to pre-shampoo! It's soft, doesn't tangle as easily and NOT GREASY! Yaaaaaay! I'll keep you posted on how many days after today it stays this way.  It all depends on your skin for how long it takes to get back to 'normal'.  So we'll see!

**No cute animals were harmed in the making of this beautiful head of hair ;) Promise, it's all mine!

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