Sunday, March 27, 2016

Updating the Flower Beds

Our flower beds are in need of some serious LOVE! They're overgrown and full of weeds.. And at some point, a previous owner seemed to have LOVED the idea of having an unfinished ROCK garden.... -.- Ugh. They weren't even cute rocks!

The nice thing about these beds is that they're already full of plants and flowers that I WANT to keep. Namely, our three white rose bushes, and a smattering of beautiful, purple irises.  These had gotten a little out of hand... So a little careful root-pulling, and I had a ton of irises to transplant!

Here's a before...

Just a huge group of irises.. Plus weeds. And rocks. 

Pulled out a bunch of irises and set them aside to use for later!

Transplanting and laying down the garden fabric.

Without mulch.

Done! Mind you, the irises look a little sad because they're done blooming and they needed a little water.

And here's the rest of the beds, all done! Took me a couple weekends, but we're done.  Don't our shutters look great?

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